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The shop of l’Auberge has expanded since its opening 20 years ago. Today you can find some homemade beauty products, other well-known beauty products as well as our personal clothing line. This year, for the first time, you will find some of our best local products.


La boutique de l'Auberge

On top of all the health products for the body the shop sells, you will find pieces of clothing of high quality, souvenir gifts and some local craftsman’s products.

The products with the name «Auberge du Portage» have been selected with care and will give you great satisfaction.

The certificate of the Auberge, a pleasing and refined gift in an enchanted site.

We prepare certificates that can be used for the health center, the restaurants or the accommodation. If you prefer to have a certain amount applicable to all, just let us know your needs.

Our gift certificate service is available all year long. We can deliver your precious gift as quickly as you need.

You can join us via telephone, fax or email. You will find all our contact information in the section, “Contact us” of the Web site.

Health Care Products

L'Auberge is associated with a renowned European laboratory to offer a range of quality health care. These products are used in our Health Centre to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

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Season 2019
April 19th to 
November 10th

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